Well Completion

VANTAGE is your partner in integrating and deploying Well Completion products. Our hands-on approach has ensured that all wells are not only completed on schedule, but reliable uptime and availability.

Through integration with our global technology partners, we can adapt existing technologies towards new applications which have proven to reduce costs, risks and optimise production. Our primary focus is on lower completion activities, with a new emphasis on upper completion services such as tubing related applications offering a complete top to bottom solution.

Our comprehensive well solution products are primarily designed and manufactured specifically for well conditions and requirements to help reservoir and wellbore treatment whilst maintaining well integrity and optimising cost throughout the well lifespan.

Managing Sand and Inflow Performance

VANTAGE offers Sand Control using premium mesh and wire-wrapped screens. These sand and inflow control devices are engineered for both new wells and existing wells as retrofit applications.

Flo Elite and FloShroud Screen

Ceramic Sand Screen System

Autonomous Inflow Control Devices (AICD)

Passive Inflow Control Device (ICD)

Bypass injection valves (FloSure, FloRight and FloCheck

We offer JetSweep patented artificial lift technology as an alternative system to typical sand clean-up operations for pre-completion in new wells and workover wells, as well as thru-tubing application in existing wells. The product can be deployed using a snubbing unit or coiled tubing, helping to lift depleted wells and clean wellbores from sand or scale. This includes fine to medium sand that mainly comes from sandstone reservoirs.


VANTAGE state-of-the-art Tubing Conveyed Perforation (TCP) systems and operating techniques provides a trade-off between the use of conventional wireline perforating. We provide various choices of TCP string design to cater any Temporary Completion, Workover or Plug & Abandonment campaigns. Combined with Drill Stem Testing (DST) technology, this provides real-time data required to evaluate the formation’s potential. Together with our partners, VANTAGE classifies our perforating solutions into the below categories:

  • Over-Balance Perforating
  • Under-Balance Perforating
  • Extreme (Fracture) Over Balance Perforating (Stim Gun)
  • Dynamic Under Balance Perforating

Expendable carriers from 27/8” to 7”

Pressure ratings
up to



High Shot Densities



Able to combine with DST

Additional Top Tier Services

VANTAGE also offers a full range of standard Upper Completion equipment and services for your wells such as:

TR-SCSSC, Packers

Gas Lift Mandrels

Wireless Intelligent Completion

Seal Assemblies

Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP)

In addition, we also deploy Carbon Fibre Spoolable Tubing (CFST) application as an alternative to the typical stainless-steel tubing which is currently deployed in the market.

Thru-Tubing Intervention

VANTAGE also offers a range of patented custom-made and fit for purpose thru-tubing intervention products for well services and remedial activities.

Landing Nipple Blanking Plug using Wellvex V0 rated plug

DHSV Swell Stack Technology

Lock Mandrel

Isolation Sleeves

Filtrex Thru Tubing Sand Control System