Surface Production

Ejectors offer an attractive solution for generating extra production from low pressure (LP) wells and thereby extending field life. Most commonly, shut-in or liquid loaded wells can be revived, as well as satellite or stranded wells deemed too expensive to recover with ‘traditional’ enhanced recovery techniques.

In many fields, it is common for gas from an HP well to be ‘choked’ to a lower export pressure which is a waste of ‘usable’ energy. Instead of wasting available energy, the choke valve is bypassed and the HP gas is used to ‘drive’ an Ejector, which not only discharges gas at the export pressure, it lowers the pressure on LP (often marginal) wells thereby boosting production and sometimes bringing ‘dead’ wells back to life.

With patented ‘Universal Design’ Ejectors allow new Internals (Nozzles and Diffusers) to be fitted as well pressures declined over time, thereby keeping the Ejector operating at its optimal design point to maximize production.

Using motive gas energy eliminating waste through choke

Maximizes production of Pressure Declines


Maintenance and Emissions

Boost LP pressure up to