Late Life Assets Management

As Oil & Gas fields matures, VANTAGE offers opportunities to capture further value from assets through late-life operations integrating with our existing solutions such as production enhancement, workover as well as facilities operation and maintenance solutions. With the need to drastically reduce the operating cost, we provide turnkey solutions and strategic collaboration model between our clients and partners allowing seamless transition from production to cessation of production phase.

Through strong collaboration with our expert consultants and partners, VANTAGE late life asset management solution includes:

  • Real-time data acquisitions for facility and production monitoring studies
  • Data analytics and modelling
  • Pre-Decommissioning planning and preparations
  • Regulatory compliance and safety case
  • Asset integrity assessment
  • Strategic planning in transition phase between final production and abandonment and removal of assets

VANTAGE cross-pollinates as well as offer our other solutions to our clients as a turnkey solution for offshore execution of projects. Click below to see our other solutions that can be integrated:

Optimize unit operating cost and stretch profitability of field

Field life extension deferring CoP


Partnership operating model

Reduce decommissioning costs

Remain cashflow positive in current market environment