Energy Production

At VANTAGE Energy, we are exploring more steps to integrate sustainable energy solutions for a better future as we utilise our expertise to explore sustainable energy options that come from the four nature’s forces – the earth, wind, water and sun.

Our solutions include:


Our successful partnership model allows us to raise funds to invest in renewable solutions that provides a sustainable energy grid in Asia in general. Typically, we also re-invest our Energy Services proceeds in new, capital intensive renewables projects. We also provide joint investments in new or existing projects in terms of equity partnership and project financing.


With our past experiences in the engineering, procurement and construction of onshore and offshore mega structures, we and our partners offer full EPC solutions including engineering service suite, ranging from initial feasibility studies to legacy installation optimization and upgrades, procurement and construction of the solar power plant.

Operation & Maintenance Management

The services include project management, onshore stations monitoring, maintenance (preventive, corrective and breakdown) and a remote monitoring team should the need arises.

Solar Energy Solutions

VANTAGE has taken the initiative to expand into the solar energy segment using Photovoltaic (PV) cells. Our new project will have us working closely with our local partners to optimise and engineer the equipment design, installation, testing, commissioning as well as operation and maintenance in compliance with Energy Laws and local legal and regulatory frameworks. Our PV solutions includes both small scale and large scale systems for:

Grid Connected System

Grid connected system is connecting between the local electric grid to residential buildings. Additional array of energy generation is send back to electric grid. Typical commercial models can be adopted to sell the extra generation of power back to the utility company. Grid Connected with Energy Storage (Hybrid) This type of solar power system is also known as hybrid solar. In the last couple of years, this energy system is becoming very popular, even though it’s more expensive. It is similar to the grid-connected residential system, but comes with an energy storage system usually in the form of battery backup. The hybrid system consists of a PV array, a charge controller, a battery bank and inverter and in some occasions a tertiary power source like a wind turbine or a gas generator.

Off-Grid System

The off-grid residential solar panel system is a lot like the hybrid system. It also uses solar panels and an energy storage system. The off-grid system is installed in very rural, remote areas, where it is expensive to run a power line to a home.

Hydropower Solutions

VANTAGE hydropower solutions are based on ‘Run of the river system’. This eliminates the need of reservoir required and hence no major concerns for flooding, deforestation, rehabilitation or other environmental concerns. Through collaboration with expert consultants, we carefully select our location for the projects considering terrain risks and availability of
support infrastructure.

Less impact to environment

Capacity from
10MW up to


Longer operational life-span

Suitable for Off-Grid Applications

BioMethanol Solutions

Biomethanol is a green and real alternative which already has a wide range of applications in the recent years. It is now one of the most important additive in many products and also a source of alternative fuel for the future.

VANTAGE has been actively investing in renewable Biomethanol projects in the range of 100MW to 500MW capacity.

Our holistic approach to our investments provides a range of our services that can be applied for the Biomethanol projects:

  • Plant Facilities Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Methanol Export Facility Operations & Maintenance Services
  • Floating & Mobile Storage Services

Waste to Energy Solutions

VANTAGE Waste to Energy solutions is based on High Performance Anaerobic Technology (AD). Our technology partners have successfully built and run biogas plants on 4 continents in more than 13 countries.

This technology is a state-of-the-art BATCH Hydrolysis System and have ever since achieved biogas yields that lay up to 30% above the yields of single stage biogas plant.

The The BATCH Hydrolysis provides superior results in:

  • Very short retention time – between 12 – 30 days (compared to 60- 150 days in single stage plants)
  • Up to 80% fiber rich material can be digested (impossible in single stage plants)
  • High flexibility – feedstock can be changed daily, accordingly to availability; this is especially important for waste fermentation plants

Feedstock with high energy density

Longer operational life-span

Frequent and easy change of feedstock

Higher biogas yield