Floating & Mobile
Production / Storage Services

Recent developments in the Oil & Gas industry increases the demand in floating storage and production solutions to unlock remote and smaller oil & gas fields that provides more economical returns, reduces capital expenditure and impact to the environment. This solution eliminates the need to lay costly and long-distance pipelines from onshore terminals to the offshore facilities. This especially provide economically attractive solutions for marginal fields, small fields and early production system.

Leasing Contracts

VANTAGE solutions on floating facilities offers a trade-off for lower capital expenditure and can be most attractive for short production life expectancy fields such as marginal fields. VANTAGE is capable of providing floating production unit up to 16,000 barrels of oil or 40 million scf of gas production capacity per day.

  • Floating, production, Storage and Offloading Facility (FpSO)
  • Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU)
  • Floating, Storage and Offloading Facility (FSO)

Production Solutions

VANTAGE understanding and involvement in the performances of wells engineering and field development planning provides a ‘VANTAGE Point’ to our clients through a temporary processing system and exporting the processed oil or gas to a storage facility for exportation. This is done through our state-of-the-art Extended Well Test (EWT) and Early Production System (EPS) methodologies. This quick turnaround offers optimum time to first oil and provides deep understanding of the reservoir in the early stages of production. Our solutions includes:

  • Detail design of production system for well testing setup.
  • Designed for high rate and waxy crude production from multiple wells.
  • Steam heating system to maintain high crude temperature.
  • Operating philosophy of 2 x 100% for major critical rotating equipment
  • Planning for back up unit for COTP and boiler.

In 2020, VANTAGE partnering with Petronas Carigali had performed a turnkey Extended Well Testing services for 7 months where 80% of flowing capacity from 3 oil appraisal wells was delivered to a Temporary Storage Tanker

Reservoir estimations for FDP

Confirm reservoir deliverability

Verify static data dynamically

Pilot future facility designs

Mooring System Design, Supply & Installation

The mooring system of floating production system integrity over the field life expectancies is a critical component. At VANTAGE, careful considerations are studied to counter environmental loads through transferable force by horizontal tensions of the mooring layout as the floating structure offsets from its mean position. Our extensive experiences in design, supply and installation includes various mooring system components:

  • FPSO, FSO (Spread-moored & Turret-moored)
  • Offloading Analysis (Tandem & Side by Side)
  • Mooring Buoys and CALM Buoys
  • Riser Tower Structures
  • Versatile Mooring System (DEEPBLUE System for Marginal fields)
  • Chain, Wire and Polyester Line Sizes
  • Drag Anchor & Pile Designs, Suction Anchors etc.