Engineering Services

FEED Studies

VANTAGE offers a robust Front End Engineering Design (FEED) with the ultimate goal of meeting our clients cost and schedule. Most importantly, we consider the construction and installation features of our client structures to ensure offshore operations can be executed safely and timely. We design for best fit while considering modifications can be done without impacting the operations. Our FEED capabilities includes:

  • Floating Facilities such as FPSO, FSO & MOPU
  • Flexible and Rigid Flowlines
  • Well feasibility and conceptual studies

VANTAGE executed for Vestigo Malaysia’s 1st marginal field project during FOIS Tembikai FSU in 2014

Detailed Engineering

Our VANTAGE point in detailed engineering comprises of an overall experience from FEED to offshore execution of the project. Our detailed engineering designs are planned on a molecular level transforming plans and ideas into actual as well as specific components. For certain high-profile projects, we ensure granularity in the entire process from engineering design to the commissioning of the asset by having our engineers involved from onshore to offshore stages of the project. 

  • Document and procedure authorship
  • Well test design
  • Well integrity
  • Well intervention
  • Well plug and abandonment
  • Flexible & Rigid Pipeline
  • Floating Storage & Production Facilities
  • Mooring Systems

Analysis and Simulation

VANTAGE values BIG data and through our partners, we can simulate and convert data into scenario models that provides visualization or prediction results that help our clients comprehend an ‘Eagle Eye View’ reducing risk, cost and time. VANTAGE various software includes:

  • HYSYS: Well Test Simulation & Analysis
  • Flaresim: Heat radiation, noise, temperature and gas dispersion studies
  • Prosper: Nodal Simulation & Analysis
  • Orcaflex: Marine, Subsea & Offshore Installation Simulation & Analysis
  • Ariane: Mooring Analysis Software
  • Hydrostar: Hydrodynamic Simulation Software for Floating & Subsea Bodies
  • NX Nastran: Structural Software
  • FPSO ABS: Structural Evaluation of FPSO
  • Pipesim: Steady-State Multiphase Flow Simulator
  • General Engineering & Management Software

Monitoring Solutions

VANTAGE offers monitoring solutions done remotely that give our client’s insights of the behaviour of the structures. By comparing the data between the actual vs natural frequencies, we are able to complement various structural integrity management studies to maintain or improve our client’s assets.

Monitored 64


Nos of Platform

In-House built bi-axial motion sensors

Collaboration with University