Surface Effect Ultrafast
Crew Support

For quick deployments to and from the oil wells, the Surface Effect Ultrafast Crew Support never fails to deliver. This speedy vessel comes with air-cushion technology that practically makes travel comfortable and economical as it quickly glides across the ocean. Get there quick, comfortable while being cheap on fuel and light on the carbon footprint.

Surface Effect outperforms everything but a helicopter in speed, travelling at 50 knots, crossing 100 nautical miles in just 2 hours. Able to seat up from 70 up to 150 passengers, it also has the largest passenger hold. Economically, it beats other modes of transportation as it has a fuel consumption of just 350 litres an hour going at 50 knots.

Hands down, the Surface Effect is the single most efficient sea vessel for deployments compared to a helicopter, conventional fast crew boat, and fast supply vessel.

SES is perfect solution to replace aviation due to ability to travel rough seas and maintains a stable platform during crew transfer



Hull Material

Composite Sandwich Materials

Cost savings up to


vs Aviation Transfer



Main Operation – Crew Transfer Vessel - 12h/24-7

Fuel Consumption


Litres / Hour