Offshore Geoscience

VANTAGE has a comprehensive range of specialised geophysical, consultancy and analysis services to help our clients to visualize and understand offshore conditions precisely. As the complexity of operating offshore assets increases, so should our ability to ensure the safety, sustainability, efficiency and environmental impact of operations.

The main VANTAGE Geoscience team consist of experienced geophysicist, surveyors and technicians who are all specialists in providing different solutions.

Geotechnical Survey

Our Geotechnical Survey services can provide clients insight to de-risk Geohazards and Geo-Engineering operations supporting offshore drilling and construction preliminary studies. Our services include:

Soil boring log and soil sampling from the seabed to (a minimum) specified penetration depth at structural locations.

  • Peizocone Penetration Testing (PCPT) borehole from the seabed to (minimum) specified penetration depth at structural locations.
  • In-situ vane testing from the seabed to the penetration depth.
  • Geotechnical engineering for foundation design, including mud mat, single pile capacity and produce an Engineering Report.
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Geophysical Survey

VANTAGE Geophysical Survey services encompass drilling and engineering support which covers various range of geo-data capturing man-made, natural and subsurface geological features. Our data can be delivered in Geographic Information System (GIS) and in compliance with Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) format. Our range of services includes:

  • Site Investigation Surveys
  • Pre-Engineering Surveys
  • Pre-Installation Surveys
  • Post-Installation Surveys
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3DHR Seismic Survey

VANTAGE used the state-of-the-art 3D High Resolution (3DHR) system which provides visualization that our client had never experienced before. With meticulous planning on the seismic sources, arrays and sampling intervals, our solution can provide extreme details and clarity in subsurface images.

Another key exceptional benefit is the shallow tow configurations which eliminates the need for specialized seismic vessels and mega offshore operations making it possible for our clients to perform 3DHR in congested locations and coastlines which are still untapped areas. Imagine the possibilities! 

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