Single Carcass Hoses

Manulis’s single carcass hoses are designed for Oil Suction & Discharge. Manufactured and tested according to GMPHOM 2009, the floating or submarine hoses are available in two lines: Poseidon (Steel Cord Reinforced) or Nautilus (Textile Cord Reinforced). Any special requirements from other specifications can be included on request.


  • Range of hoses 6” to 40ft
  • Equipped with new lifting lugs for higher SWL (Safe Working Loads)
  • Negligible buoyancy loss of buoyance material under external pressure
  • Increased Resistance to Bending; the hose can be bent to a MBR of 1* (Nautilus) / 2* ID (Poseidon)


  • Superior Pressure Surge resistance
  • Higher collapse and tensile load resistance
  • Higher cover abrasion resistance
  • Show no hose degradation after dynamic test