Mooring Buoy

Our Buoys go through a Finite Element Analysis (FEAM) during our design and engineering phase. FEM is best understood from its practical application as a computational tool for performing engineering analysis. Through FEM we are able to determine stiffness and visualize the strength of our buoy’s structural integrity, the load effects on the padeyes and other load bearing joints. This information allows us to select the optimal size and specification of materials which in turn allows us to minimize the weight of the entire buoy allowing optimal buoyancy.


  • A full magnetic partical inspection (MPI) test to ensure no cracks are found in the welds
  • Air test to ensure that there are no leakages within the buoy, Optional Class witness (if required)
  • A physical load test on each lifting padeye (if required) to ensure that each padeye is reliable and able to withstand its required lifting load


  • Latest design for an improved stability
  • High quality manufacturing
  • Easy and limited maintenance