Mooreast Anchor

Our anchors are designed to accommodate a wide range of soil types. The Mooreast MA5P anchor is designed to accommodate a wide range of soil type. Similarly to MA5P anchor, Mooreast designed MA5S to perform in hard soils such as calcarenite, very dense sands and coral. Moorest also has developed the new MA7P to meet the changing demand of the industry and is it can be used for a wide range of offshore platforms such as FPSO, Drilling Rig, SPM Buoy, Offshore wind and Tidal turbine


  • Anchor head designed for regular anchor handling.
  • Strong fluke designed to take high (fluke tip) loads.
  • Fast penetration generates holding capacity quickly
  • Adjustable fluke/shank angle to suit varying soil conditions (3 positions)
  • Shark-like teeth on anchor shank for better penetration in hard soils.


  • Diverse range of sizes, weight for any conditions (3 –74 tonnes)
  • Approved by Major Classification Societies