Long Length Elastomeric Hoses

Exclusively made by Manuli, the long length hoses are ideal for oil and gas production and transfer in dynamic riser and static flowline application.

SATURN hose is an evolution of existing our Long Length Hose Type H1991 and extends the operation pressure and temperature range of the hoses from the original design. SATURN line offers the possibility to customize the performance as per customers’ requirement:


  • Standard application
  • Heavy duty application
  • Sour service application
  • High performance application
  • Extreme performance application


  • Lightweight hose construction
  • Low minimum bend radius
  • Kink recoverable hose
  • Easy and rapid repair
  • Easy to deploy and retrieve
  • Floats in empty conditions and sink when full
  • Low-cost impact
  • Rapidly installable
  • High elasticity