JetSweep™ Sand Cleanout System

JetSweep™ technology is patented artificial lift downhole tool designed to clean and lift formation’s produced sand or scale from the wellbore during workover and well intervention. JetSweep™ is the first a first for the industry, providing a pressure balanced well vacuuming process that can be deployed using Rig I snubbing unit I CTU assisted sand cleanout operations that can be performed without high fluid losses, and without the expense of multi-string coiled tubing units or nitrogen lift.


  • Sand/Scale cleanout
  • Consumed Acid cleanout
  • Well Lifting and Well Testing (Underbalance)
  • Post-frac sand cleanout


  • Operation Optimization
  • Improve well’s intervention frequency performance
  • Improve well’s production performance
  • Minimize oil production deferment
  • Protecting Client’s Asset
  • Ability to combine technology with sister technologies.