Tendeka’s Filtrex remedial sand control system is designed to address the issue of sand failure in existing wells. A simple intervention-based system, it provides the flexibility to be installed thru-tubing and can combine sand clean-out as part of the installation process.

The unique filter mechanism employed by Filtrex is a multi-layer open cell matrix polymer (OCMP), with a range of sizes to cover broad range of applications. The OCMP is run in hole compressed within a sleeve and is deployed along with an integral anchor system. Once set, the filter media can expand by up to 75% to conform with the wellbore ID.


  • High expansion anchor sub rated to 12T
  • One trip system – sand clean out and sand control repair
  • Open Cell Matrix Polymer – multi-layered porous compressible filter media
  • Compatible in reservoirs up to 110˚C
  • Compatible with common wellbore fluids


  • Revives production
  • Conforms to damaged section
  • Thru-tubing design
  • Retrievable
  • OCMP sized appropriately to retain formation sands
  • OCMP configuration bespoke to reservoir conditions
  • OCMP configuration bespoke to wellbore sand composition