Double Carcass Hoses

Double carcass hoses are designed so that if the main carcass fails, the secondary carcass contain the leak, protecting the environment. All Manuli double carcass hoses are manufactured and tested according to GMPHOM 2009, with any special requirements of other specifications included on request.


  • Range of hoses 6” to 40ft
  • The Dual Anti-pollution safety Hose (DASH) has the only failure alert device (FAD) on the market that monitors the integrity of both primary and secondary carcasses.
  • Negligible buoyancy loss of buoyance material under external pressure
  • Increased Resistance to Bending; the hose can be bent to a MBR of 1* (Nautilus) / 2* ID (Poseidon)


  • Does not require servicing or maintenance
  • FAD can be reset and used again Superior Pressure Surge resistance
  • Higher collapse and tensile load resistance
  • Higher cover abrasion resistance
  • Show no hose degradation after dynamic test