Offshore Rigid & Flexible Pipeline

VANTAGE offers fully integrated pipeline services which help our clients transfer their oil from production areas to export loading terminals. Through our years of services, we’ve innovated and continuously improved our ability to engineer, procure, construct, install, test and commission (EPCIC) our work on pipes. This turnkey solutions is one of the key reason VANTAGE has been the preferred partner for many offshore energy companies.

VANTAGE has a successful track record in providing extensive installation, trans pooling, recovery and decommissioning of S.U.R.F for our clients. With our know-how, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions specifically for your wells.Our various S.U.R.F. solution includes:

  • Oil And Condensate Takeaway
  • CO2 And H2O Flowlines
  • High-Pressure Pipelines
  • Sour Gas Service
  • Oil Suction and Discharge Flowlines
  • Dynamic Riser, Jumper, Flowlines Applications
  • Installation aids such:
    • Hub Drive Tugger Winch
    • Stern Chute
    • Horizontal Lay
    • HLS Tower
    • Tensioner
    • Lay Chute
    • Work Platform
    • Under Roller

In 2014, 6” and 10” Manulli SATURN long length hose was installed by VANTAGE for the Provision of EPCI of Floating Hose & Flowline for FOIS Nautica at Tembikai Field, Malaysia

Pipeline Installation Technology using


Low Cost Flexible Flowline using


Double Carcass Hoses for Dual Anti-Pollution and Safety Alert

Non helical and steel wire offtake solution using


Pipeline & Process Solutions

VANTAGE also provides a wide range of pipeline and process services including DFPV (Draining, Flushing, Purging and Venting), Pumping Services, Pipeline Integrity and Operational Pigging.


  • Pre-commissioning
  • Pigging tool design & supply
    • Cleaning, Gauging, Filling, Hydrostatic testing, Dewatering, Drying, Nitrogen purging & packing
  • Auxiliary pumping
    • Assist pigging run
    • Recovery of stuck/stalled pig
  • De-commissioning
    • De-oiling
    • De-gassing
    • Flushing
    • Wet & dry
    • Preservation
    • Capping
  • Flexible riser / Pipeline leak testing


  • Supply of cleaning pigs, spares & accessories
  • Pigging tool design & supply
  • Descaling
  • De-waxing
  • De-sanding tools
  • Training for pig refurbishment & tracking
  • Pig audit & consultation
  • Specialist cleaning operations
    • Descaling
    • De-waxing
    • De-sanding
    • Pitting
    • Cleaning
  • Chemical treatment
  • SRB treatment / inhibited water injection


  • Specialized pigging tools design & supply
  • EGI / dewatering / de-waxing and de-sanding tools
  • Pig refurbishment & logistics
  • Specialised cleaning operations
  • De-oiling / degassing / pit cleaning
  • Auxiliary pumping


  • Geometry inspection – GEO
  • Corrosion inspection – MFL and UT
  • Mapping inspection – XYZ
  • Combo tools and Multi-diameter tools
  • Bi-directional inspections
  • Fit For Service (FFS)
  • Piggable and non-piggable


  • Chemical cleaning
  • Valve change out / supply
  • Manpower / equipment supply
  • Equipment rental
  • Special equipment design and supply
  • Technical assistance
    • Maintenance cleaning procedures
    • Customs designed tools supply
    • Site visits
  • Pipeline consulting
    • Maintenance
    • Leak management
    • Pipeline integrity assessment
  • Assistance to pipeline operations
    • Studies and method statements
    • Pipeline cleaning
    • Waste management